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2H Offshore has established an international reputation for design and analysis of steel catenary riser systems. We have conducted hundreds of design studies for international operators, and have had responsibility for many detail design projects. Our experience covers the engineering of all SCR types, production vessels and worldwide locations and includes:

  • Conventional SCR
  • Weighted SCR
  • Pipe-in-pipe SCR
  • Concentric SCR with gas lift
  • Threaded SCR

2H Offshore’s detail design track record speaks for itself:

  • BP Thunder Horse infield SCR detail design and analysis
  • ExxonMobil – Thunder Bahn gas export SCR design
  • Shell – Bonga SCR design verification
  • Exxon – Diana/Hoover DDCV catenary riser verification analysis
  • Kerr McGee – Gunnison export SCR verification analysis
  • BP Mad Dog infield SCR detail design and analysis
  • Unocal West Seno SCR detail design and analysis
  • Kerr McGee – Boomvang Nansen SCR fatigue verification
  • Total AKPO – SCR detailed analysis
  • Petrobras P55 – SCR detail design and analysis